Timebolt.io is an incredibly powerful video editing software, but it doesn’t necessarily have everything one may need to full edit an entire video. But after seeing how easy Timebolt is, do you really want to go back to the “old school” way of manually editing out silences, adding zoom punch in effects, and generating YouTube chapters?

Luckily, you don’t have to.

That’s where Timebolt’s Adobe Premiere Pro plugin will become your best friend.

And in the case of Timebolt and Premiere Pro, we can use Timebolt for the tedious editing work, and then bring that all over to Premiere Pro to finish our editing work.

Let’s learn how to do it.

Installing TimeBolt’s Adobe Premiere Plugin

The first step involves installing the TimeBolt Extension (.zxp) for Adobe Premiere Pro. This can be done by downloading the extension file for your respective operating system (Mac or Windows).

To install the plugin:

  1. Download the ZXP Installer for your respective operating system from https://aescripts.com/learn/zxp-installer/.
  2. Once you’ve installed the ZXP Installer, open it and select Adobe Premiere Pro.
  3. Drag and drop the TimeBolt Extension .zxp file into the ZXP Installer.
  4. After the installation is complete, the extension will now be available inside Adobe Premiere Pro under Window > Extensions > TimeBolt Extension.

Using TimeBolt’s Adobe Premiere Extension

With the extension successfully installed, you’re ready to start using Timebolt with Adobe Premiere Pro.

The process of applying cuts within Premiere Pro varies depending on the type of files you’re working with: single audio track, single video track with single/multiple audio tracks, or multiple synchronized video/audio files.

For Single Audio or Video Tracks:

Import your file into TimeBolt and adjust the cuts or remove silence as you see fit.

Click the Save Timeline Cuts button.

Save timeline cuts for using timebolt with adobe premiere pro plugin

In Adobe Premiere Pro, import you clip into the timeline and select that clip. THIS SHOULD BE THE ORIGINAL FILE YOU IMPORTED INTO TIMEBOLT.

Video file selected on the premiere pro timeline

Open the TimeBolt extension (Window > Extensions > TimeBolt Extension).

Select TimeBolt Extension inside Adobe Premiere Pro to run the plugin

Here, you’ll have two options:

  1. Create cuts but don’t delete (checked): This will make the cuts in your video, but leave the cut segments in your timeline
  2. Create cuts and delete (unchecked): This will make the cuts in your video AND delete them from the timeline*

Click on the “Apply JSON File” button and select the .json file you saved earlier.

Apply the JSON file to run the Timebolt plugin inside Premiere Pro.

After clicking open on your file, the cuts will be applied automatically to your clip.

Cuts made in Timebolt are automatically applied to the video in the premiere pro timeline

*If you choose to create cuts and delete, you’ll notice that these “cut” clips will actually be moved to the end of your timeline. Simply delete these clips and you’ll be left with only the segments you’ve chosen in Timebolt to keep.

For Multiple Synchronized Video / Audio Files:

Timebolt can also handle more complex set-ups like multi-cam and audio.

First, bring your “master” file, the one you edited in Timebolt, into Premiere Pro.

Master file that was edited in Timebolt

Then bring in your other camera angles or video/audio files.

Bring in all your camera angles or tracks that need to be cut.

Select all the files (ctrl/cmd + A), right-click, and select Synchronize.

Select all tracks, right+click, and choose synchronize.

Note: Your Master File, or the file you’ve edited in TimeBolt, should always start from zero (00:00) seconds in the Premiere Pro timeline. If you’re files have moved in the timeline after synchronizing, select all and move them to the beginning so your master file is at 00:00.

Once your files are set up in Adobe Premiere Pro, follow the same steps as for single audio or video tracks.

First, select your master file and run the extension.

Then continue to apply your Timebolt json file to each of the tracks on your timeline individually.

Repeat this process until all cuts are applied to all necessary clips.

Applying Timebolt JSON file to all tracks on the timeline.

Congrats! You’ve just successfully cut potentially HOURS of footage within seconds!

Pro Tip for Audio Editing Using Timebolt with Adobe Premiere Pro

Audio Editing in Adobe Audition

If you like to edit your audio in Adobe Audition, do this prior to applying the JSON file to your master track.

Make all your audio edits in Audition and click save. This will add a new audio track into your project files library.

Additional audio track from editing audio clip in Adobe Audition.

Next, add your new extracted audio track from Adobe Audition back into the timeline and synchronize this new audio file with your master track.

Now, run your JSON file on your master track. Note: This will revert the audio on your track to the original (unedited) audio.

Master video track using Timebolt in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Run the Timebolt extension on your newly added audio file.

Finally, select your entire master track, right+click, and choose Unlink.

Unlinking original audio track from the master video in Premiere Pro.

Now, you should be able to delete the original audio from your video, and slide your newly edited (and cut) audio file into your master track slot.

Replace the original audio file associated with your master video track, with the newly edit and cut audio file in Premiere Pro.

Using Timebolt with Adobe Premiere Pro Plugin

The Timebolt Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro offers a revolutionary approach to video editing, allowing you to marry the innovative, time-saving technology of Timebolt, with the powerhouse suite of features inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can give Timebolt.io a try, completely free, by going here.

Or learn more about the other amazing features inside our extensive Timebolt review.

This blog post contains affiliate links for which we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. However, we only recommend tools we believe in and use ourselves.

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