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Episode 78: Make Podcasting a Part of Your Strategy in 2022

Episode 78 Why Podcasting Needs to be a Part of Your Strategy for 2022Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year, yet it's still a relatively young medium. With it's growing popularity and ability to attract a trustworthy audience, 2022 is the...

Tools and Resources to Help You Succeed

There are so many tools and resources out there to choose from. Here are the ones that I personally use, know, like, and trust.

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I LOVE Buzzsprout. I always recommend it to anyone interested in starting a podcast. Once you’ve set up an account, just upload your episodes to Buzzsprout and they will push it to all the major podcast apps and directories.


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SEMRush is my go-to when it comes to content and keyword research. I use their extensive content marketing toolkit, to uncover new keyword opportunities, monitor my brand’s visibility online, and get a leg up on my competitors.


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Since I made the switch to ConvertKit, I have (dare I say) enjoyed working on my email marketing strategy. Easily set up funnels and automations and with ConvertKit, you can even segment your audience based on their interests.


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This what I used to build the website you’re looking at right now! With the Divi Theme, you can fully customize the look at feel of your website. Elegant Themes’ drag and drop editor makes building your website a breeze.


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"The value you provide to others directly correlates to your success. The more value you provide, the more successful you become. Focus on the value!"

- Nick Nalbach

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