Do you need to speed up or slow down your videos?

Adjusting the speed of your video can be a powerful editing strategy that can transform your content from good to exceptional. Speeding up a video can save viewers’ time, especially for lengthy instructional videos or tutorials. Not to mention, this has become an extremely popular format for platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok.

So let’s dive into how, soon to be one of your favorite video editing tools, simplifies this process with its unique feature – Turbo Mode.

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Turbo Mode: The Speed Modifier

Timebolt’s Turbo Mode is a feature designed specifically for adjusting the speed of your videos. But why would you want to speed up your videos?

The “era of TikTok” has kicked up a massive spike in consuming short-form video content, FAST. On top of that, many of these short-form video platforms come with varying time constraints and limitations. Prime examples of this include short-form video platforms like Instagram Reels (90 second duration limit) or YouTube Shorts (60 second duration limit).

So naturally, many people are wanting to learn how to speed up videos to fit all these different video platforms.

Rather than cutting out large chunks of valuable content to meet these constraints let’s increase the playback speed of our videos using Timebolt.

Activating Turbo Mode

To utilize Turbo Mode, navigate down to the ‘3 dots’ menu next to the Add to Render Queue button in the Timebolt interface and select ‘Activate Turbo Mode’.

Activate Turbo Mode in Timebolt to increase playback speed of your videos

Turbo Mode: How to Speed Up Videos, Fast!

Upon activating Turbo Mode, you will encounter two primary settings. Each offers a different approach to adjusting video speed, giving you total control over your content’s tempo.

Turbo Mode Settings for how to speed up videos

Time Limit to Fit Within (in sec)

If your video needs to fit within a specific time limit, like turning a 84 second video into a 60 second YouTube Short, this is likely where you’ll want to make your speed adjustments. Simply input your desired video length, and Timebolt automatically adjusts the speed to meet your criteria.

Speed Multiplier (eg. 1.125x)

Alternatively, you can manipulate your video speed with a set multiplier (e.g., 1.125x). This setting accelerates the video speed by the selected factor, maintaining a uniform pace throughout your content.

Note: You only need to adjust ONE of these settings.

Finalize Your Speed Adjustment: Add to Render Queue

Once you’ve tailored the Turbo Mode settings to your preferences, click the Add to Render Queue button. Timebolt then exports your video at the pace you’ve set or within the timeframe you’ve specified.

And now you know how to speed up videos using Timebolt. It’s as straightforward as that!

Turbo Mode Considerations

While Turbo Mode is a versatile and user-friendly feature, it’s worth noting that any markers or chapters you previously created may not align with your video after applying Turbo Mode. Therefore, consider adjusting the video speed prior to marking chapters or segments.


Adjusting the pace of your videos can be a simple way to enhance viewer engagement and create more dynamic content, especially with platforms like TikTok and Reels. With’s Turbo Mode, this process becomes easier than clicking a button – Well actually it’s exactly as easy as clicking a button.

And that’s not the only trick Timebolt has up it’s sleeve. If you’d like to learn more about the other features within Timebolt, read our in-depth Timebolt review. It might just be the very thing you need to speed up your video editing process!

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