Episode 96

Using Incentives to drive more leads, increase sales, and grow your business [Marco Torres]

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Podcast

One way to grow your list of leads and potential clients is through the use of incentives. But what kinds of incentives work? And how do you properly implement them? Marco Torres is here to explain all of that to us today.

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Show Notes

Have you been struggling to get people to take action on your social media posts, podcast episodes, YouTube channel….?

Sometimes you need to incentivize your audience a little bit to spark that kind of action you’re looking for.

Marco Torres, founder of Marketing Boost, is here today to talk with us about how to effectively grow your business through the use of incentives.

Marketing Boost is a subscription-based platform that gives the user the ability to provide some incredible travel incentives to their audience. In this episode, we dive into some of the dos and don’ts with incentives, so you can get the most out of your next giveaway!


3 Main Takeaways from The Episode:

By the end of this episode, you should have learned:

  1. Ways to effectively use incentives to grow your business
  2. Addressing the question: “Won’t people only sign up for the free trip or incentive?”
  3. Why discounting your products or services could be terrible for your business

Did You Enjoy the Episode?

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Nine-Five Podcast. Thank you so much for listening!


What was your biggest takeaway from today’s interview?

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