Episode 64

Dodging Imposter Syndrome and Generating Possibilities [David Wood]

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Podcast | 2 comments

Have you ever come up with THE idea, get started on it, only to give up 2 months laters? This is often called The Dip or Valley of Despair. You might get excited about something only to realize it was more work than you anticipated. Well today, David Wood is here to talk to us all about recognizing The Dip BEFORE it happens and finding new ways of generating possibility in your business and life.

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Show Notes

This episode is all about generating new possibilities in your business AND personal life, battling imposter syndrome, and recognizing The Dip before getting too deep into your next big idea.

Today on the episode, I’m joined by David Wood, the man behind Focus.CEO. There, he coaches entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to “achieve more by focusing on less.”

Throughout the episode, David shares many experiences he’s had throughout his life and the lessons he’s learned along the way. From battling imposter syndrome, shiny object syndrome, rebranding his entire business, this guy has tons of experience and he’s here to share it with us all today.


3 Main Takeaways from The Episode:

By the end of this episode, you should be able to

  1. Determine when to the stay the course vs moving on to the next thing
  2. Understand what The Dip or Valley of Despair is, and how to recognize it BEFORE you begin your next project
  3. Generate new possibilities in your life and business to make you unstoppable

Did You Enjoy the Episode?

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Nine-Five Podcast. Thank you so much for listening!


How are you generating new possibilities in your own business?

Leave a comment below and let me know!



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  1. James

    Nick and David, it was amazing listening to your conversation! This is the first time I heard someone explain so clearly how business and personal life converge. David’s story of how he didn’t even know what he was missing in life, despite having an incredible career and education already, really struck a chord with me. Also the tips and examples on communication, it’s invaluable to hear about this and I’m forwarding this episode to friends and family. Thank you for doing this podcast, Nick!

    • Nick

      Thank you so much, James! David is an amazing dude and I had a blast chatting with him and sharing our conversations on the show. I’m so glad you got value from and enjoyed the episode!

      You rock man!


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