Episode 55

How to Bring Free Traffic to Your Digital Products [Steve Wiideman]

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Podcast

How nice would it be to bring free consistent traffic to your website? What would your business look like with that kind of online presence? Today, we are talking with Steve Wiideman (SEO Steve) about how to do just that. Having worked with many large brands on their online presence, Steve is definitely an expert in this space and has gratiously agreed to come on and share his wisdom. This IS NOT your typically SEO conversation, so you’ll want to tune into this one!

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Show Notes

Search engine optimization can be a fickle thing. It’s always changing, strategies that used to work no longer do, and best practices are always being updated.

Luckily, SEO Steve [Wiideman] has been in the SEO space for a while. Steve has seen the rules change time and time again, but this has not prevented him from being successful. Having helped many large companies and corporations like Disney, iHop, and Sketchers (among many others), Steve is the exact guy we need to be learning from when it comes to bringing in real organic traffic to our websites.

The biggest focus of today’s episode is driving traffic to your digital products, but the lessons you’ll hear in today’s interview can pertain to anyone looking to increase their web presence.


Key Points Discussed in This Episode


Steve does an amazing job of breaking down many of the complexities within search engine optimization which is why he is good at teaching others this difficult topic.

When it comes down to increasing your website traffic, it all boils down to 3 of our main points of the episode:

3 Main Takeaways from the Episode:

  1. How to create relevant content for the keywords you’re wanting to rank for
  2. Getting backlinks (without paying sketchy people for them)
  3. What user-behavior signals are and how to create a great user-experience for your website visitors

SEO is such an in-depth topic and we could create an entire podcast just dedicated to it, but if you enjoyed the episode and are looking to learn more, make sure you check out Steve’s Academy of Search.

And if this seems like it’s all just too much to manage on top of your already busy schedule, Wiideman Consulting is ready to help you get your website and business seen.

I Want to Know…

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Nine-Five Podcast. Thank you so much for listening!


What are you most excited about implementing into your current SEO / Content Creation strategy?

Leave a comment below and let me know!



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