Episode 48

The KEY to Long-Term Success: Relationship Marketing Funnels [Shauna Armitage]

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Podcast

Everyone knows about digital marketing and how important it is for the success and growth of your business. But what about Relationship Marketing? Today, Shauna Armitage is going to be talking with us about how she helps business build long-term success and retain their customers through Relationship Marketing Funnels.

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    Show Notes

    Imagine working several years as a freelance marketer, honing your craft. Then your friend comes to you with a brand new marketing agency, and they want you to help grow the business.

    After working there for a few months, you voice some concerns about how the business is run only to find yourself fired from that job 6-months in.

    What do you do?

    Well in the case of today’s guest, Shauna Armitage, you strap on your entrepreneurial shoes and set out to start your own business.

    Now Shauna is a self-employed Fractional CMO for many different brands and businesses. In other words, Shauna helps brands get a grip with their marketing strategies to help scale and grow their businesses.

    Through building strong relationships with her clients and undestanding company goals, Shauna has been able to help some brands increase their sales by as much as 220%.

    Today, she is hear to help us do the same.

    And it all starts with the Relationships.


    Key Points Discussed in This Episode


    Throughout the interview, Shauna shares a lot about what she does to help her clients build and scale their businesses, but the most important takeaway from today is Relationship Marketing Funnels.

    Here are few of the major points that Shauna discusses in this episode:

    • What is relationship marketing?
    • The 3 important aspects of creating a relationship marketing funnel
    • How to develop strategy for your brand
    • The BIGGEST mistake made by even some of the most successful founders and business owners

    If you listen to this episode and don’t walk away with some useful knowledge, I will issue a full-refund of your purchase 🙂

    In all seriousness thought, if you want your business to succeed, you need to start putting in the necessary work to build a genuine connection with your audience.

    This may seem like tedious work, but it is essential to long-term growth and success. Start now, or regret it later.

    I Want to Know…

    I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Nine-Five Podcast. Thank you so much for listening!


    Has building relationships with your audience been a big part of your strategy so far?

    Leave a comment below and let me know!



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