Episode 25

Why You Should Consider Starting a Podcast This Year

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Podcast

If you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast, this is your sign to get started! Hear from 7 amazing podcasters as they weigh in on 1) why they started their podcasts and 2) the benefits they’ve experienced since starting their podcasts.

Nick (00:00): Hey everybody Happy New Years and welcome back. I hope you had a fantastic holiday and you had an awesome time with your families and you're ready to take 2021 on in full force. Today's episode is going to be all about podcasting. And if you remember in last week's episode, I mentioned that we'd be doing things a little bit differently here. Again, in this episode. This time you'll be hearing from seven amazing guests who all have their own podcasts, and they're here to share how podcasting has made such an incredible impact on their lives and their businesses. All these guests are members of the SPI Pro Community. That's Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income community, and they have all agreed to come on and answer these two questions for me. One, why did you start podcasting? And two, how has starting your podcast had a positive impact on your life and business? So without further ado, let's get right into the episode.

Speaker 2 (00:54): This is the Nine-Five Podcast and I'm your host, Nick Nalbach. Where we get into the minds of entrepreneurs and people just like you. So you can start, build and grow your own online business.

Nick (01:11): Hey guys, welcome back to the Nine-Five Podcast. My name is Nick Nalbach. I'm the host of the Nine-Five Podcast, and I'm here to try to help you start and grow your own business. And today is all about podcasting. Now since launching my podcast back in July of this last year, 2020, I am really, I can't believe that I didn't start it sooner. Now that I've got to going I really wish I would've taken that steps earlier. Um, I kind of just launched it on a whim and I didn't really expect to follow through with it. And I did, and it just kind of started rolling from there. Podcasting was something that I always knew that I kind of wanted to do. I never thought that the time would be just right for me to actually launch this podcast until I just finally went for it.

Nick (01:57): And since then, I've not only been able to grow my own audience, but I've also been able to connect with some amazing people through the guests that I've had on the show. And the listeners who have reached out to me who have actually listened to the Nine-Five Podcast. So I couldn't be more grateful for that. And the experience has just been amazing. So now you kind of heard why I started podcasting and the impact that it's had on me. And I kept a brief, but I really want to get into what the guests have to say. So the first guest that is coming on to talk about her experience, podcasting is Miinkay Yu, and she runs the What's Your Calling Podcast.

Miinkay (02:34): My name is Miinkay Yu and I'm the host of the What's Your Calling Podcast. I started podcasting really as a response to COVID. It kind of shut down my business and made me look inward to see, okay, you know, what do I do next? And I was scrolling on Facebook and I saw this challenge called the Rise-Up Challenge. I joined it and it was hosted by this company called Advance Your Reach. And they're all about, you have a message, you know, they're teaching, you have a message. You have something to share with people. Can you create your own platform? Can you share with people, can you start to change the world because this pandemic has affected everybody, but that doesn't change how important you are and the message that you have. And those, that challenge really spoke to me because I do have a message and I do have something to share, and I've been sitting on it for far too long and I really needed to start sharing it now.

Miinkay (03:26): And I chose podcasting because I love podcasts. I have been a huge consumer of podcasts for years and years. And so finally I said, I need to contribute. I need to be part of this community that gives so much free, amazing information out to help people. And that's what I want to do. And so I got inspired to create my own platform, to start sharing the things that I know and to hopefully help more and more people with their career and their career transition and finding their calling. So that's what I do. That was my business is career coaching. And before podcasting, I had clients here and there and I would get referrals, but since I started podcasting and creating all this free stuff for people, my reach has really expanded. I've gotten more clients, I've gotten more interest, I've gotten a lot more opportunities to talk to people and to do public speaking.

Miinkay (04:16): And so I really have grown my business so much with podcasting because of the content that I'm creating. And also because it really is its own business too, of creating something, marketing it, showing it to people, putting yourself out there is really forced me to up-level and to get better at this whole business side of, of the world of my business and start to, you know, put myself out there more so that people can get helped. People can learn and people can hopefully have a better life from everything that I'm teaching. So, you know, whether they stick with me and just listen to my free content, that's great. And then if people decide that, Oh, they want to work with me. That's great too. But ultimately I really see the podcast as something for me to give back in service to the world because people need it and people are going to get better from it. And I've already learned so much from other podcasters and gone so much out of them that it's my turn to contribute to the world and to help people with all this free stuff and free information.

Nick (05:18): I absolutely love that answer from Miinkay. She said, it perfectly well. You have a message. And it is podcasting is not only an opportunity to get that message out, but it is in a way your duty to get that message out. You have this information that other people want to hear and know, and rather than keep that all bottled up, you want to share that message and get it out there for the world so you can help more people. And I think that's a fantastic reason to getting into podcasting and like many other people, she got into it during the pandemic. I know there's a lot of people that are in a very similar situation where they still may be laid off or furloughed at this time due to the pandemic. And maybe right now with this extra time, maybe this is the opportunity to actually start thinking about podcasts. And what does that message that you have? What does the knowledge that you have that you can share and put out there into the world? I think podcasting is a perfect Avenue for that. Now the next guest that is coming on, you may recognize him from episode six. It is Jay Clouse from Creative Elements.

Jay (06:23): My name is Jay Clouse, and I'm the host of the Creative Elements Podcast. I started Creative Elements because I wanted to connect with my audience at a level of scale and build a little bit of a platform around it. So for creative elements, my listeners are creatives or aspiring creators. People who want to make a living from their art and creativity. And I wanted to share with them stories that personally I wanted to hear, and I didn't hear being told. And that was the stories behind some of the major creators that you know, and love. But instead of talking about their work, how do they actually get to the point of making a living behind their work? A great example, here is Seth Goden or James clear. Those guys do a lot of interviews, but they generally talk about their ideas and their works that talks about marketing or brand.

Jay (07:11): James talks about habits. I wanted to know how does that go out and gets me Seth Goden? How did James clear get to be a professional writer and what can other creators learn about their journey, about how they made a living as a creator? That's why I wanted to start the show and it's helped me a lot because one, I get to ask all the questions that I personally want to know. And it connects with my audience who went through the same thing. And two I'm building really, really great relationships with these professional creators, learning from them, getting the opportunity to potentially collaborate with them down the road, but building a relationship with these people that I've admired for a long time. So that's why I started the show. That's why I keep doing the show. It's really great. If you're an aspiring creator, I'd love for you to listen to Creative Elements.

Nick (07:54): Now like Miinkay had mentioned in her answer, she started her podcast to get her message out into the world and to share with other people. Jay is following a very similar route only he's trying to get other people's messages out into the world. And I think that is such a powerful thing that we can be doing. And what I love about Jay's podcast is he really does a great job of getting inside the minds of these creators. He's been able to bring out a lot of really great stories from people like Seth Goden and these big name creatives that you hear from all the time. But like Jay said, you hear about the strategies, not what made these creators, who they are. And not only that, but like Jay had mentioned podcasts and really opened up the avenue for him to build relationships with these creators as well. People that he's been inspired by his entire life. Now, the podcast has given them an avenue to actually introduce himself and get to know these people on a more personal level and actually build relationships with them. So I think that is just fantastic. The next guest that is going to be is Barbi Honeycutt, and she runs the Lecture Breakers Podcast. So let's hear what Barbi had to say.

Barbi (09:03): Hey everybody. I'm Barbi, Honeycutt, creator, and host of the Lecture Breakers Podcast. I launched my podcast in October of 2019. And my whole mission is just to share the stories and the strategies and teaching strategies of other educators out there who are breaking up their lectures and creating more engaging learning experiences for their students. I wanted to start a podcast because, uh, well, first of all, I was just really burned out on writing and blogging from the past nine years of my business. And I was ready to short of, you know, try something new and, and reach an entirely new audience. And the podcasts seemed like the best platform to do that. I also wanted to share other people's stories and not just, just the work that I do. I wanted to feature these amazing educators out there and let them share their stories and what's working for them so others could learn from them.

Barbi (09:49): And again, the podcast is the way to do that. And finally, from a business perspective, I was looking for a, another income stream. You know, I wanted to expand on a smaller brand that I had created. I wanted to, to reach new audiences and I wanted to potentially come up with a new source of revenue and podcasting has allowed me to do all of that. So I have tripled the number of visitors to my website each month. Um, I've doubled the number of subscribers on my mailing list. I have created additional revenue stream based on the podcast. And one of those is having a couple of sponsors. I'm still new to the sponsorship game, but I did start that. And I also created a Lecture Breakers virtual conference, um, which was my most successful event that I've done with my business. Uh, since I started it in 2011.

Barbi (10:36): And then finally, you know, just from a personal note, I was just getting, um, really, um, not burned out, but just sort of tired of the same old, same old thing in my business with my topic and with what I was doing. And, and when I created a podcast, it quickly renewed my energy and my enthusiasm around my business and around the people that I serve and the work that I do. And so I think, you know, if that's you, and you're thinking about starting a podcast, that could be something that you could try and see if it helps sort of renew your spirit around whatever it is that you do. Thanks so much and good luck with your podcast.

Nick (11:11): There are a couple of really awesome things that Barbi touched on here that podcasting has done for her. She mentioned being a blogger and wanting to be able to change things up a bit. And podcasting was a way for her to do that. And not only did it allow her to get more excited about what she's doing and the message she has to share, it has also allowed her to expand her audience and even create additional sources of revenue for her own business. So if you are in the blogging space, or maybe you create videos for YouTube or whatever the case may be, however you put content out there in the world. If that's becoming a little bit boring or maybe it's just, it doesn't have that same spark that I had when you started, podcasting can be a great way to change things up a bit.

Nick (11:51): And like Barbi said, bring on some amazing people to help share their stories and help get that message again, out into the world. Now, the next guest is Jeff Gargas and he is the co-host of the Teach Better Podcast. And before we get into Jeff's answer a little funny story, I actually interviewed Jeff to come on the podcast and get a recording done finished. And as I went to edit the podcast, I realized that his audio was corrupted, very tragically. So Jeff, we're going to have to get you back on the show. We're going to have to get you back here so we can talk and share your story on the Nine-Five Podcast. But until then, we're going to hear from you here. This is Jeff Gargas.

Jeff (12:33): Hi, my name is Jeff Gargas and I am the co-host of the Teach Better Talk Podcast. I co-host this podcast with my good friend and colleague Ray Hughart. We wanted to start the podcast because I've actually podcasts in the past when I was in a different industry and interviewed entrepreneurs and business owners. And so we knew from the very start of our new business teach better that we would have a podcast at some point, but we took a little while to finally get there. And I think the biggest thing that really spurred us on to it is that we love connecting. Uh, you know, me personally, I love connecting with new people, hearing their stories and then sharing those stories with others in the hopes that they will bring them value. Uh, and we love having these conversations. We, we wanted to have these connections and honestly, I love podcasts.

Jeff (13:17): Um, just love listening to numbers. I'm an avid listener, uh, as is Ray and we both just really loved it and thought it'd be great. Uh, another Avenue for our business to share content out, to connect with our potential audience, connect with potential clients and partner schools, uh, and to just continue to share the stories of educators, which is our one of, one of our pieces of our mission. Podcasts and podcasts has definitely helped our business and brand in a, in a few different ways. One is allowed us to connect with hundreds of awesome educators as guests on our shows and to amplify their story. And that's the second piece is that we're amplifying the voices of educators while, while sharing value with others, which advances our brand's mission and both aspects, podcasts, and podcasting, and the podcast, um, has definitely increased our credibility as a brand, our notoriety, um, it's increased our reach. It's increased our connections, our network, our ability to, to get into the ears of people and to, to share our message via the stories that we're amplifying.

Nick (14:20): Now, what I love about just answer here is it kind of sounds like he started in a very similar fashion. As I did with the Nine-Five Podcast. He knew that the podcast was a route that he wanted to go and they put it off so long where they said, you know what? We just got to go for it. And that's really exactly what I ended up doing with mine. When I started the Nine-Five to Freedom brand, I knew somewhere down the road that I wanted to do the podcast, but I didn't think I had the audience. I didn't have the people there that would listen to the podcast. So I just kept pushing it off. I pushing it down the road. And finally they said, enough's enough time to create this podcast. And now I am extremely happy that I did. I only wish I would have started sooner.

Nick (15:01): And another thing that Jeff had mentioned that I thought was awesome. He is able to bring on these educators and amplify their voice along the way that he used the word amplify. Like he's, he's really able to spread this message that other people have to others in the world. And they're able to use their podcast as an avenue for that. Their podcast is helping the people that they bring on. And another reason why I think podcasting personally is such a great route for anybody is because it does increase credibility. And I've noticed this through my own podcast. Before I started, I felt like who would want to listen to me? What do I have to share that other people can't already get elsewhere? Why is someone going to listen to me as opposed to anybody else? And in previous episodes, we've kind of talked about imposter syndrome and that's, that's exactly what it was.

Nick (15:48): And I know a lot of people that maybe thinking about podcasting, but are pushing it off. They're kind of stuck in this vicious cycle as well, where they, they think, well, why would someone listen to me? But if you just get that voice to get your voice out there, get your message out into the world. You're going to soon realize that you're going to connect with people that even big name stars and celebrities can't connect with, just because of how you use your voice and how you share that message. Now, the next guest is Julie, DeLucca-Collins, and she is the host of the Casa de Confidence podcast.

Julie (16:25): Hi everybody. My name is Julie DeLucca-Collins, and I am the host of the Casa De Confidence Podcast, a podcast for women to hear the different stories of other amazing individuals who have gone confidently in the direction of their dreams. I believe that all of us have these amazing stories inside of us. And the more that we share them, the more we can continue to inspire and learn and grow from each other. I started my podcast in April. So I am a fairly new podcaster, but I am not new to podcasting because I have been an avid listener and fan of many incredible podcasts out there for many years. I have learned, I have grown. I have become a better version of myself in business and in my personal life because of the many podcasts that are out there. And over the course of this past year, I had been really continuing to work as a senior level executive at a national educational company and felt that podcasting was a great way for us to connect with our clients or connect with our constituents.

Julie (17:35): Unfortunately, you know, it, wasn't the direction that my organization wanted to go into. And I thought, well, you know, someday I will do my own thing. Someday I will create a show and I wasn't sure specifically what the show was going to be about, but I knew that someday was going to be something I pursued, of course, 2020 came about and I was laid off. I was laid off and all of a sudden I found myself completing a 20 year career as a senior executive. And I was a little daunted, but not scared because I knew that there was a plan for myself. And it was a plan for something new and exciting, and I needed to take the plunge. And the plunge was to actually go after my dreams of helping women, encourage them and help them become more confident in the same way that I know that people have helped me along the way.

Julie (18:30): I am a big believer then mentoring and coaching and encouraging others is very key. And one of the things that has helped me along the way is learning in the inspiring stories of other people who have taken the plunge, done things in maybe going after their dreams. So when I created the cost of the confidence podcast, I created it to give other people the opportunity to hear the stories that can inspire them. And the reality is that all of us deal with fears from time to time, all of us have been feeling like maybe I don't have what it takes, but we do. We have all of the tools that it takes for us to succeed. As long as we have the lessons, the encouragement, and really the motivation and inspiration that we can have. So when I started to set up my business, I was also having a big birthday coming up.

Julie (19:28): I was turning 50 and I am an extrovert. And I love being with people and my husband, just a thought, Oh no, she's going to have to have something to focus on. So she, he, I'm sorry. My husband took, uh, and gave me the podcasting equipment when he gave me the podcasting equipment. I thought, okay, well, this is that day. This is the day I started my podcast. And I have loved every single minute of it. I have been able to connect with incredible individuals who maybe we haven't heard of, right? Because their light, their names are not in the limelight, but their names mean something to someone in their world. And these people have created a life for themselves, have overcome fear, and are just doing incredible things to step out in confidence. And this is what I continue to do with the podcast.

Julie (20:21): As far as helping me, I feel so inspired, but I am connecting with the amazing women who are looking to have the support system of a coach, a mentor, a leader that can help them either in their business or their personal life. So it has elevated my voice and it has allowed me to grow and really be able to share who I am with others. In addition to bringing the stories of those people, who I find inspiring, who I find to be living in confidence, in learning and growing together. Because I think that it's all about this community sharing and learning from each other that will help to lift up these stories. So podcasting is so crucial and important, and it allows us to do all of this. So go confidently in the direction of your dreams, everyone.

Nick (21:12): Julie is using her podcasts, Casa de confidence to inspire others and help build up other people's confidence and something that she said there, right at the end. I don't know if you may have, you may have caught it, but she said the podcast has actually given her confidence since she started it. And I think this is such an awesome point to make, because like Julie, before I started the podcast, I did not have that confidence. If you remember back a few episodes, I had talked about my experience and trying to get into video content. And it was always very miserable for me to try to do, because I just did not have that confidence. Every time I'd hit record, I'd freeze up and I get super nervous and I still do now. But since starting the podcast, that has become a lot easier for me.

Nick (22:00): I can get in front of the mic or step in front of the camera. And I just feel confident about the message that I'm trying to share. And I think what Julie said is awesome because podcasts can be that for you. It will be nerve-wracking to start. Once you did the equipment and you start getting set up and you're getting ready to record your first episode, you're going to get nervous. You're going to start sweating and maybe have that nervous, tremble to start. But as soon as you get going and you start meeting these amazing people who you had an impact on, podcasting just becomes fun after that. And you just want more of it and more of it. So if you're at all on the fence about starting a podcast, because you're a little bit nervous, my advice to you is to just go for it, see what happens. It may be the best thing that you do this year. Our next guest is Maria from the Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast.

Maria (22:55): Hi, Nick. It's Maria, the host of the Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast. Bloom and Grow Radio is a houseplant care show designed to help everyone successfully care for houseplants and cultivate more joy in their lives. No matter what level of planned Parenthood they currently are at. I started to show because I myself was an epic plant killer back in the day and an avid podcast listener. I decided that I wanted to bring plants into our home when I moved in with my boyfriend in an effort to nest, and I was trying to find care tips, trying to find ways to learn how to care for plants. And I couldn't find any podcasts about houseplants that were geared towards beginners. And so I decided that I would make one and I would use the podcast as an excuse to interview experts and pull myself out of plant killer-dom and into crazy plant lady-dom.

Maria (23:47): And I am the most crazy plant lady ever. And through the show, now we've published over a hundred episodes and passed a million downloads, and I've helped listeners across the globe start caring for houseplants successfully and bringing more joy and moments of stillness and disconnecting from screens and reconnecting to themselves into their lives. And it's been an ultimate honor. You ask why podcasting has been important and why it's been helpful, how it's helped my business and brand. And my answer is really that it gave me a brand. I was a professional musical theater performer before this podcast endeavor. And I had no idea the world and community that I was destined to serve through the show and through this calling and Bloom and Grow Radio and the creation of Bloom and Grow Radio not only helped me establish my brand as a crazy plant lady and the brand of Bloom and Grow, um, which now is a multimedia brand, but it gave me an unbelievable creative outlet as a performer and a venue to perform a platform, to perform in a way that I could have never dreamed of it's been a wild ride.

Maria (24:53): And through this new creative outlet that I had a hundred percent control over, I was able to find levels of creativity and levels of excitement and all sorts of butterfly moments through the creation of this podcast and what has unfolded after it. I also, as a performer, always loved connecting with audiences and connecting and serving audiences through theater, but finding my audience of plant friends of my listeners, who I've been able to help, uh, successfully care for plants in their lives has helped me connect to the act of service in a new way. That's really dramatically changed my life. And through Bloom and Grow, it's just open doors and opportunities. I could have never imagined like speaking at large events and hosting live tapings of my podcast around the country, which have been performances of their own writing books, creating a YouTube channel. I've got big dreams now that I never knew that I had.

Maria (25:48): So I'm so thankful to the intuitive whisper. I had three years ago to tell me why don't we make a podcast about houseplants? I mean, at the time it was crazy because there was nothing like it, but man, I'm so thankful. I followed that intuitive whisper and, um, published, you know, episode one. And I'm so proud to be publishing episode one Oh seven at the time that this uh, that I make this recording for you. So best of luck to your listener community, they're lucky to have your show to learn. And if anybody wants to learn how to successfully care for plants, find moments of stillness, enjoying their life through plants and nature. Come on over to my neck of the internet, interwebs, um, and check out the Bloom and Grow Radio Podcasts. So thanks again.

Nick (26:33): That is such an awesome story, in my opinion. Like Maria has mentioned, the pod podcasting has actually helped build her brand. And this was a very limiting belief that I had before I started my own podcast was that I had to have this brand and audience before I actually started the podcast. For those of you that may not know before I started this podcast, I had a brand, but it was not that big. I thought I was going to start with blogging and I was going to use blogging as a way to build up that brand. Before I got into things like video and podcasting and a lot of the things that I'm doing right now. And since starting the podcast, my brand has grown a lot more than when I was just blogging. So I think that's really important to me for anybody who's out there thinking, well, I don't have anybody in my community.

Nick (27:19): That's going to listen. I don't have anybody to tell them my podcasts out there. Podcasting can be your way to build that brand. And what I think is so awesome about the Bloom and Grow Radio is she took a passion that she had, and that's what she started her podcast about. And that's what you can do too. Like she said, when she started, there were not a lot of podcasts out there about plants and she just decided, you know what? This is something that I enjoy and I'm just going to go for it. And she created a whole podcast and a brand around that. And Maria actually mentioned one other thing that I wanted to bring up here. She used the podcast as an excuse to interview some of these people that she's looked up to in her industry and her niche. And that's one of the coolest things about podcasting is if you decide to bring guests on your show, your podcast opens the door for many people that you might look up to right now to come on your show.

Nick (28:09): I know a lot of the people that I have interviewed on my podcast, I wouldn't have dreamed of being able to just strike up a conversation with them, but because I had a podcast and I had a platform for them to speak on and I had an avenue for them to share their message, that's opened up the door for me to build relationships with some really amazing entrepreneurs and business owners that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to even interact with, most likely. So podcasting is definitely something, even if you don't have a brand, can really put yourself out there and help build that brand and help build those connections and relationships with people that you have looked up to your entire life. Now, our last guest is Melissa Neacato I hope I said that, right? I apologize if I didn't. Melissa is the host or co-host of the, Her EnterpRISE Podcast.

Melissa (28:56): Hi, my name's Melissa Neacato and I'm one of the hosts of the, Her EnterpRISE Podcast. One of the reasons that I decided to be part of this podcast was because even though I'm a blogger of minimalism and money, getting my ideas down in writing was always kind of a challenge. And I always found that speaking was so much easier to do. And so now I get to share those ideas through the medium of podcasting. One of the other reasons is that, like I said, I'm one of the hosts. There's actually two other ladies that I get to meet with regularly to record this podcast. Two women who in their own experience, also entrepreneurs and have launched businesses. And so being part of this podcast means that I get to regularly meet with them and we talk about challenges and we share our experiences and we grow.

Melissa (29:54): And so being part of the, Her EnterpRISE Podcast, we're really looking to help other women who are entrepreneurs go through the struggles that you face as a mom. You know, the extra challenges that come with that. And so each of us are from different areas. We each have different topics that we focus on in our own blogs, but when we come together, we get to learn from each other. And so it's increased the credibility and just the information, the knowledge that we get to have, because we're all coming from different niches. I feel like starting a podcast has been really amazing. Um, especially for me as a someone who's pursuing a speaking career, it's just another opportunity to talk to my audience and share some knowledge. So it's been amazing.

Nick (30:49): Now, Melissa brings up a really good point in her answer. Something that we actually haven't talked about yet in this episode is that podcasting doesn't have to be something that you do alone. You can bring on friends or get together a group, find some people within your community that can just come on and share answers and bounce ideas off of, and problem solve together. It's almost like a mastermind group in a way, but with podcasts, you're able to not only get your small group involved, but you're able to get your audience of listeners involved as well. So now you have this big community around this small group that you've curated and you just get to have fun. But just like the other guests have mentioned, and that we've talked about in this podcast, it is still a way to get your knowledge and your message that you've gained out into the world for those who might want to hear it.

Nick (31:36): So that was our a final. So that was our final guest. If podcasting is something that you're interested in doing, or you've thought of doing it, I said it before, just go for it. If you're nervous about getting started, or you're not quite sure where to start, I've actually created some awesome resources for you guys to go check out. I have a three-part video series on how to start a podcast that I actually just uploaded to YouTube last week at the time that you are hearing this podcast, and there was also a free Podcasting Quick-Start guide, which will help take your podcast from zero to launch in six weeks. And you can find the three-part video series and that quick start guide in the show notes to this episode, if you've enjoyed this episode, I highly encourage you to go check out the other podcasts.

Nick (32:22): And the other amazing people mentioned in this episode, I've had the opportunity to chat with all these people in the SPI community, and they are all amazing, wonderful people. And I just want to thank them all here on the show for contributing and weighing in on this episode. I think their messages are absolutely fantastic, and I wish you all the best in your future. Podcasting all other links to their podcasts and to get in touch with these amazing people will be in the show notes of this podcast. The show notes for this podcast can be found at ninefive podcast.com/episode25. That's episode two. Now that is it from me today. Thank you all for tuning in, and I will catch you guys in next week's episode.

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Casa De Confidence, with host Julie DeLucca-Collins, is a podcast full of interviews from amazing individuals, sharing their stories, to help women move confidently in the direction of their dreams.

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Bloom and Grow Radio – Maria Failla


Bloom and Grow Radio is a podcast hosted by Maria Failla (“The Plant Lady”) to help educate, inspire, and empower other plant lovers to grow their own indoor plants and create more joy in their lives.

Listen to Bloom and Grow Radio | Take the Plant Parent Personality Test

Cover art for the What's Your Calling Podcast

Her EnterpRISE Podcast – Melissa Neacato


The Her EnterpRISE podcast is hosted by a group of women, including Melissa Neacato. On the podcast, Melissa along with her her co-hosts share information and insights to help women entrepreneurs through the added challenges of being a mother and an entrepreneur.

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