Episode 94

Making an Engaging Online Course That Your Students WANT to Finish [Tracey Lewis Stoeckel]

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Did you know that most online course-takers never actually finish the course? This might be a problem if you’re thinking about starting your own online course. Today, Tracey Lewis Stoeckel is here to tell us how to create an online course that our students WANT to finish.

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Show Notes

Online courses have grown exponentially over the last few years, and the growth is only expected to keep rising.

This opens up a HUGE opportunity for creators and educators. Unfortunately, student completion rates of these online courses is typically very poor. This isn’t a great thing to hear when you’re starting your online course creation journey.

Today’s guest, Tracey Lewis Stoeckel, has been doing this course creation thing for several years now, and she knows EXACTLY what it takes to build a course that your studnets love and actually WANT to finish.

Don’t start your online course before listening to this interview with Tracey!


3 Main Takeaways from The Episode:

By the end of this episode, you should have learned:

  1. How to make your course standout against the competition before they even purchase it
  2. Why you need to “forget everything you know” before starting to create your course
  3. The elements to a truly successful course, and one that your students will stay engaged with to the end

Did You Enjoy the Episode?

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What was your biggest takeaway from today’s interview?

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