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Video editing often involves tedious and time-consuming tasks that can slow down your creative process. From eliminating silent moments in your footage to incorporating seamless transitions or zoom effects, these tasks can take hours to accomplish manually. revolutionizes video editing by automating these time-intensive tasks, saving you COUNTLESS HOURS and streamlining your editing workflow.

Experience the benefits of accelerated video editing with, and let it become your indispensable tool for efficient content creation.

What is Timebolt and how can Timebolt make video editing easier and faster Features

Explore the various features and functions of and take the stress out of editing video and audio.

Silence Detection Icon

Detect Silence

Automatically filter out and/or shorten silences that fall below a specified dB threshold.

Sculpt Videos Icon


Manually control what words or scenes are kept or removed with easy keyboard shortcuts.

Timebolt Features for video editing
Insert transition icon

One-Click Transitions

Quickly add eye-popping transitions to your videos with one-click in Timebolt.

Zoom Punch In Icon

Punch In

Instantly add jump cuts into your videos. “Punch In” your videos to 125%, 150%, or 175% with one click of keyboard. Or set your own custom zoom percentages.

Who is For?

Video Editors



Content Creators


Ready to Get Started Using Timebolt?

Check out these tutorials and resources for helping you get started using for your video editing. Learn how Timebolt can revolutionize the way you edit videos, and save you TONS of time video editing.

Removing Silences from Video

Remove Silences In Video

Learn how to automate silence detection and removal with It’s user-friendly interface and powerful toolset streamline your video editing process. Boost your content quality and save precious time with Timebolt’s features.

Automatic Zoom Punch In for videos

Automatic Zoom Punch-Ins simplifies the process of adding zoom punch in effects to your videos, that can enhance viewer engagement. With a quick keyboard click, users can automate this time-consuming process of adding that attention-grabbing punch.

Add Music to recordings with Timebolt in one click.

Add Looping Background Music to Videos

Learn how to easily add looping background music to your content, for boosting engagement and viewer retention with your videos. Simply upload your music, and let Timebolt take care of the rest.

Removes scenes from videos

Add/Remove Clips with Sculpt’s ‘Sculpt’ feature provides granular control in video editing, allowing users to easily add or remove scenes from their videos. Whether you’re a video editing beginner or professional, Timebolt’s easy-to-use interface will save you loads of time.

Quickly add transition effects to video with Timebolt

Easily Apply Video Transitions

Every high-quality video includes attractive video transitions. The process of adding transition effects to videos couldn’t be easier with Timebolt. Learn how to quickly and seamlessly add transition effects to your videos with a single click with Timebolt.

How to Speed up videos with Timebolt's Turbo Mode

Explore Timebolt's Turbo Mode’s Turbo Mode feature simplifies adding video speed adjustment to enhance engagement and meet constraints of platforms like TikTok. Input a desired length or set a speed multiplier to modify their video’s tempo.

Fast Forward Silence in videos

Fast Forward Silences In Video

Explore’s Fast Forward feature to enhance viewer engagement in your videos. Maintain context and interest by fast-forwarding through silence in tutorial or educational content, ensuring a captivating viewing experience.

Add Chapters to YouTube Video Quickly with Timebolt

Create Video Chapters for YouTube

Need to add chapters to your YouTube videos? Aside from giving users a better experience, adding YouTube chapters come with a host of other benefits for making your videos more discoverable. And Timebolt makes this SO EASY!

Using Timebolt with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Finish Your Edits in Premiere Pro

Merge’s time-saving video editing features with Premiere Pro’s comprehensive suite of tools. Learn how to install and the plugin and export your video from Timebolt to Premiere Pro to add the finishing touches to your videos.

You Should Be Spending Your Time Editing, Not ‘Preparing to Edit’

Don’t let the tedious tasks of video editing stop you from creating amazing content.
Give a try and see how much time you can be saving!

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